Grand and glamorous? Sumptuous and lush? Practical and efficient? We can create the bathroom of your dreams. So whether you want to boost the functionality of your bathroom or create a luxurious escape from the everyday, we can help.

We’ll pair your inspiration with our expertise in bathroom remodels and renovations to ensure your finished space is as hardworking as it is functional.  Our attention to detail will have every aspect of your project finished beautifully and ready to enjoy. And the best part? We’ll work with your budget to create an affordable design that works for you.

When you daydream about your new bathroom, what do you see?

Whether you love a soothing spa retreat, lush and lovely oasis, or functional family design, we can create a bathroom space where you’ll be happy to escape.

● A new layout or opened-up space
● Adding a powder room
● Installation of new fixtures
● Stunning new vanity
● Statement basin and faucet

● Converting a tub into a sleek new shower
● New cabinetry and countertops
● Adding a soaker tub
● Bright new flooring or wall treatments
● Creating a unique focal point

● Adding storage or improving functionality
● New tile, marble, or stone accents
● Moving/adding/removing fixtures
● Renovation, remodel or new build


Our project managers have overseen thousands of projects, giving them the experience to help you navigate challenging decisions. In addition, we have a team of designers to guide you through every choice of finish to ensure you love your space for years to come.

We handle every step of your remodelling project, from site analysis to conceptual design to taking care of all permits and construction. We’re happy to walk you through our process and detail how we’ll support you through each step.

● Contact us for an initial meeting and project review
● Complimentary consultation to discuss needs, design, and budget
● Design and style recommendations and collaboration
● Site analysis to review all aspects of your home
● Measurements taken to prepare as-is drawings
● Conceptual design

● Preliminary design package with a survey, site plan, and floor plan
● Technical design development
● Construction documents (architectural, structural, and mechanical)
● Proposal and agreement built from specifications and plans
● Budget and schedule prepared and approved
● Online access to details of your project in real-time

● Full-service support for obtaining building permits
● Ongoing communication and selection options
● Construction and delivery of the project on time and within budget
● Effortless and worry-free process completed on time and within budget
● Client service package for ongoing maintenance and care

We’re a family-owned custom home and renovation contractor, offering full-service building, renovation, and remodelling throughout the GTA and surrounding areas. We’ve worked hard to build a reputation as a premier design and building contractor offering extensive experience in projects of all sizes.

Through collaboration, expertise, and clear communication, we’ll create affordable design packages for whatever your project entails and deliver it with top-of-the-line materials and uncompromising attention to detail.

We’ll ensure every project adheres to all local building codes and permit requirements to help protect your investment in your home.

Let’s build something beautiful.

Let’s create a space built with pampering in mind. Connect with us today, and we’ll get planning.